Signs and Detours...An Exploration

Opening Artist Reception "Signs and Detours...An Exploration"

Saturday, November 09, 2019

12:00 PM

The Brickhouse Art Gallery
2837 36th St
Sacramento, California 95817

Arturo Romero aka R2romero is a Sacramento artist, known for his murals throughout Sac, as well as collaborations with other artist in our art community, but is art is known by the artistic characters used in his creative visions; his "One-Eyed character.

In his exhibition titled: "Signs and Detours...An Exploration," R2romero brings to life vintage and one-of-a-kind traffic signs incorporating his characters! This exhibition will host "Art Talks," "Live Paintings," with other invited guest artist, and Panel Discussions.

Arturo Romero Bio:

If you’re an artist working in the streets, they are so much more than a simple location for your art. Streets become your window to the world, a way to communicate with the others, to tell a story about yourself and that you deem is important enough.

Arturo Romero, better known as R2ROMERO, is a Mexican American artist who began his artistic journey on the streets of Sacramento, California. In addition to beautifying his home city, and many cities throughout the world.

He started painting Enki, The One-eyed character that has become his trademark. It all started in 2012 heavily influenced by cartoons, comics & the ancient Sumerian culture and his vision to bring their stories into the contemporary world, but the process has outgrown its original idea, and the characters, and the situations they’re finding themselves in are now almost universally applicable. All his characters are reminiscent of space, whether they are wearing a sports jersey or flying a spaceship, but the themes R2ROMERO explores are universal.

Inspired by the life around him, using colorful scenes, he creates environments filled with hidden messages, purposely inviting the viewer to smile. His themes are positive indeed, but instead of depicting the things exactly as they are, he rather include the elements of humor, making them easily digestible without giving up on the significance or the positive messages that the artworks are sending.

The artist is heavily influenced by cartoons and the works of the ancient Sumerians.

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