"Voice of the Third Eye"

Photography Month(s): "Voice of the Third Eye"

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

12:00 PM

The Brickhouse Art Gallery
2837 36th St
Sacramento, California 95817

Meredith Minkow: Artist Bio
BriGette is a Gulf War era veteran and creative artist in various mixed media and digital art forms. She rates photography as by far the most relaxing of her creative pursuits. BriGette has used photography as a way to capture nature's beauty and be present. Her initial pictures taken in nature were solely for therapeutic purposes. Her first prosumer camera was a Sony Nex 5 which was dubbed "Big Gun." "Big Gun" became her first "service camera" assisting wellness pursuits and self care in response to the symptoms of PTSD. "I use my camera anytime anxiety or the perfect picture was clear, I took my "shot."" As mobile photo technology advanced a Galaxy 10 was incorporated into use with the Sony Nex A6300.

BriGette McCoy, 2020 Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation Community Service award recipient and Army Gulf War Era Veteran, is an accomplished philanthropist, entrepreneur and author who incorporates intersectional and educational technology models into all aspects of her work. She is the Founder and ProBono CEO of Women Veteran Social Justice Network, advocating equality and justice for veteran, women, sexual assault survivors, and disabled workers. Her vision, leadership, and community building have earned her national media appearances including: The Daily Show, MSNBC, NBC, The Today Show, NPR News. She has been featured in articles in The Times (National), The Guardian (International), Creative Loafing, Huffpost, and has co-hosted community-based radio and TV talk shows, and has been an advisor to award-winning documentaries, nonprofit arts organizations, and veteran nonprofits. Her work spans fields of educational technology and instructional design, entrepreneurship, media and television, nonprofit, business, government and politics, and creative pursuits using digital technology, including two podcasts: Go Live Life WELL and WVSJ Connects, on Heroes Media Group. She is currently a Protect Our Defenders Board member, National Association of Black Military Women Scholarship Chair, Federally Employed Women National Partner, Warrior Songs Board Advisor, and hace City and County appointments to the Veteran Affairs Commissions for City of Atlanta and Dekalb County.

Since 2012, Ms. McCoy has coached and mentored emerging community leaders for professional and interpersonal success, advised emerging nonprofit leaders in program development, and consulted with national policymakers to increase civic community engagement and tech-enabled expansion. She has trained business, military, and senior government leaders in using new media technology, professional development, and soft skills execution. She is a John Maxwell Certified life coach and is currently developing online instructional content in support of workforce development. Her multidisciplinary professional experiences inform, with context and nuance, transitional coaching for anyone experiencing the friction points from the career challenges of scaling businesses up or down or interpersonal conflicts.

In 2009 Ms. McCoy founded Women Veteran Social Justice Network, a 501(c)(3) multi-award-winning, all-volunteer, multi platform, network supporting and honoring women of military service and equipping them for future leadership in philanthropy, entrepreneurship, civic community engagement, and personal economic expansion. WVSJ uses social network technology, web 2.0 tools, and advocacy to address women veterans’ needs and provide resources while raising media awareness to veterans’ issues. WVSJ has a significant body of work informing policy and research that benefits women of all eras of military service. Projects include first-person narratives of women who serve through film, television, media, written works, and music; internship training; retreats; a national Ambassador network; and two national women’s training and education conferences–gaining funding and University co-hosting for each. Both were recognized by local and national governmental agencies and included intergenerational veterans, and were live-streamed and recorded. Kennesaw State University donated an on-demand channel that continues to host the educational content.
Overcoming her sexual assault in the military and its collateral damage, she has shared her experience in her Congressional SubCommittee testimony.