Time & Space Travel, Exhibition

Gary Rosenblum Opening Art Reception "TIME and SPACE TRAVEL

Friday, May 03, 2019

6:00 PM

The Brickhouse Art Gallery
2837 36th St
Sacramento, California 95817

It's the Opening Art Reception for Gary Rosenblum & Oak Park First Friday and The Brickhouse is excited for both. Join us for an amazing art exhibition
Time and Space Travel (Pointillist Photography) by Gary Rosenblum that explores a technique of photography rarely seen, through Kodachrome slides, light, lenses and film. The images causes the eye to fixate longer on the images, in order to reveal it's the artist story, or voice through his lens.

We'll have music, a catered menu, wine & of course our featured artist for the month; "Gary Rosenblum!" And, because it's Oak Park First Friday, we'll have lots of our Oak Park businesses open with music and events up and down Broadway!

I travel through Time and Space, and my technology is pure analog photography: light, lenses, and film.

I use my own unique process of pointillist photography to find Images within Images, Secrets within Secrets. I use antique Kodachrome slides from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s that have not been seen in decades as the source material for all my images.

I see street scenes and landscapes of places like China or Afghanistan, or England, France, Italy, Russia, Africa or Cambodia in the 1950s and 60s and 70s. I see typical tourist shots taken by anonymous photographers, their slides long unseen, cleared out of attics and basements, blended into commerce through auctions, estate sales, all flowing eventually to ebay, where I buy them and search for their long lost stories. These old slides reveal long gone people and things in places from around the world. They reveal exotic far flung locales through a tourist’s photographic eye, yielding images of individuals dressed in their local, now antique garb walking, talking, working, being human.

These images, captured over a mere 1/60th of a second many decades ago, were preserved in attics and closets and boxes and trunks, and for decades never noticed by anyone. I open them up to my fresh technique where I look the scene over and select a new image to photograph. When I am on that street in that country, in that year, my camera essentially at the ready to re-photograph the details of that scene, I am travelling back in time and across space.

During my expedition across time and space, I find a moment that is of a particular time and place and try to transform that instant into an image that is timeless, and universal.

Since the 1980's I've been honing and refining my technique using an analog camera loaded with slow slide film, with special lenses and lighting. I magnify and highlight the antique Kodachrome film grain with startling accuracy. My analog film image is about 1/100 of the original Kodachrome.

Using only light, lenses and film, I create images that are both impressionistic and ultra-modern.

Just to clarify in a post analog photographic world: The my artwork represents exactly what I see in my viewfinder when I trip my shutter, meaning they are all straight analog photographs of decades old Kodachrome film grain and the crackled patina that comes from age. There is no photoshop or any kind of digital manipulation to achieve the image.

I created my techniques for magnification and lighting back in the 1980s, so I still shoot long exposures up to 60 seconds with slow slide film, formerly Kodachrome 25, now Velvia 50. I have lighting techniques that brush the 3 dimensions of Kodachrome crystals with light and make then glow internally, while having techniques available to accurately focus at the top, middle, or bottom of those crystals, at just the right magnification.

I produce master slides that are scanned and digitally printed on archival dye infused brushed aluminum panels. This creates a print that is simultaneously old stylistically, with a pointillist vibe, while the ultramodern brushed aluminum panel creates a very contemporary presentation.

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